About Us

While RSG has been in existence since July of 2012, Dr. Tad Thompson has been working to service the reproduction needs of the small ruminant industry for more than 8 years.  While in Veterinary School at Purdue University, Dr. Thompson first started developing his techniques in LAI & ET. During the development years, Dr. Thompson was blessed to have the opportunity to train under Dr. Dave Osborn in Australia. It was following the conclusion of this training that Dr. Thompson first began providing services to the small ruminant industries.  In 2007 JVCGenetics was formed as a division of a larger multi-species veterinary practice where Dr. Thompson split his time between equine sports medicine and small ruminant reproduction. In July of 2012 it was clear that a greater commitment to the small ruminant industries was warranted, resulting in the creation of Reproduction Specialty Group. In the formation of RSG, Dr. Thompson has had the opportunity to bring his mentor, Dr. David Osborn on board for additional services in the busy season. This has been a great opportunity to grow with the best in the world.

Reproduction Specialty Group strives to provide its clients with professional services resulting in superior results.  We work with clients one on one to tailor our services to their program’s needs.  We can help, whether you need to freeze semen on your rams or want to find out if LAI or ET are right for the future of your flock.

If you’ve never been by, here’s your chance to meet us, and if you have…you might just learn something new about our family!