Can I breed to frozen semen?

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  • Yes, you can breed to frozen semen for ET work.  HOWEVER, there are several things to keep in mind when making that decision:
    • When we breed ewes to frozen semen for ET work, we breed them twice.  We will breed that donor first thing in the morning and again late in the afternoon.  The reason for that is that frozen semen does not live as long as fresh.  Fresh semen donors get bred once in the morning and don’t get touched again.  Putting that ewe on the cradle twice is more stress on her and makes her and your day longer. 
    • If you are using frozen semen for any kind of reproduction work you MUST know what quality it is, please look at our section on “Questions to Ask About Frozen Semen.”   Average quality frozen semen does NOT work for good ET results. 
    • We require a minimum of 50 million post thaw live rate with a minimum velocity of 4+.  Look at our frozen semen information page for more information on what that means.
    • Remember, don’t compromise on semen quality, unfertilized embryos are no good and fill up the trash can!
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