Can I flush a yearling ewe or ewe lamb?

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Physiologically yes, we can do the surgical procedure on a yearling ewe or ewe lamb.  However, we don’t recommend it, you will not have the same success rate as you will with a ewe that has lambed at least once.  These individuals usually do not produce as many transferrable embryos as mature females will.   We also see lower transfer rates on eggs from a younger ewe.  If those females do respond to the program adequately, typically their eggs will not transfer with as high of conception rate as your typical flock.   Basically, you can do the procedures, but your risk in having an unsuccessful program is much higher.  We suggest that you invest in females 2-5 years of age to achieve the BEST results possible.   Success with young does is much more common than young ewes.  As they are a different species, goats follow a different pattern of reproductive efficiency. 

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